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Aromazina DC

Aroma and structure expression for varietal white wines. During the grape skin maceration, it heightens the extraction of the varietal aromas and gives the final wines a complex sensory profile.

Cerevisiae NFW STARTER

Yeast suitable and often used for fruit juices. It is a basic type of yeast with versatile use.


For the selective removal of metals from grape must. miniTubes™ technology.

Fervens™ EmoThion

An yeast made to enhance the aromatic potential of grapes rich in thiols.

Fervens™ Fragrance

For the fermentation of white and rosé wines in order to achieve the development of aromas that go from tropical to citrus notes. Thanks to a very low production of riboflavin, it improves wine longevity in the bottle. For “fresh-style” white and rosé wines. Yeast suitable and often used for cider. This is a higher class of yeast.

Fervens™ SLB (Bayanus)

Saccharomyces bayanus for pure fermentation. Very active, especially for re-fermentations (sparkling wines). A real guarantee for large volume of wine

Fervens™ SLC (Cerevisiae)

Saccharomyces cerevisiae for pure fermentation. Very active, for every kind of wine. Safe fermentation for white, red and rosé wines. Suitable and often used for fruit juices. It is a basic type of yeast with versatile use.


Stabilizing agent to remove pesticide residues from musts and wines. miniTubes™ technology.


To protect and stabilize red wine colour.

INFINITY Fruity White

This blend gives exciting results in terms of white wine revitalization. Used for finishing touches and before bottling it removes off-flavour as reductive notes and it improves expression of the fruity and floral aromas.



To protect white and rosé wines from oxidation.


Complexity, elegance and structure for white, rosé and red wines