Stabilizing agent to remove pesticide residues from musts and wines. miniTubes™ technology.




Over the last years, there has been a general reduction in pesticide residues in wines than in the past.

Consumers are more demanding now about the health and sustainability of products and as a consequence mass distribution chains have imposed pesticide residues levels to be well below those applied by law.

Considering the attention given to this topic, a research project was organized in collaboration with the E. Mach Foundation, in order to find ways to remove pesticide residues from musts and wines.

From this research FITO-STOP was created, it is a product based on the adsorbent action of cell walls, selected for this purpose, together with an enological carbon.

Fito-Stop is active on various pesticides; the cell walls in this product, beyond their adsorbent action, also facilitate the fermentation metabolism of the selected yeast.


Fito-Stop, when used on the must during the alcoholic fermentation, significantly lowers the levels of various active compounds often used in conventional viticulture practices.

The minimum effective dosage is low and therefore can be used on red wine musts without causing colour loss.

From a qualitative point of view, the yeast manages to express a better fermentation kinetic and subsequently a lower production of volatile acidity and greater aroma synthesis.


The adsorbent action of Fito-Stop is particularly effective during the second fermentation of sparkling wines, when needed; since the contact time and the suspension in the treated volume is easily guaranteed.

In still wines to get satisfactory results it is important to ensure a slow and constant pumping over in order to facilitate the contact of Fito-Stop with the active compounds.


Dissolve Fito-Stop in a small amount of must or wine, mix well and add to the volume to be treated. In must: add at the beginning of the fermentation. In musts with high potential alcohol, make sure to have a suitable nitrogen supply (>150 mg/L of YAN).

In wines make sure to have at least 48 hours of contact time, with slow and constant stirring.


During fermentation or during second fermentation of sparkling wines: 2-5 g/hL, at the beginning of the fermentation. In wines or concentrated musts: 20-100 g/hL according to the amount of active compound that needs to be removed, the available contact time and the possibility to maintain constant slow stirring.


1 kg and 10 kg bags

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