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Wine Yeast Nutrient in miniTubes™: the miniTubes technology applied to an yeast nutrient specifically designed for fermentation practices that aim to maximize fruit expression by the yeast.

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Wine Yeast Nutrient in miniTubes TM: Organic nutrient for “TOP” aroma production


We have applied the well-known miniTubesTM Technology to yeast nutrients. With the wynTube (Wine Yeast Nutrient in miniTubes) range NO DUST… NO MESS… NO WASTE objectives have been obtained even with fermentation nutrients.


wynTube Fructal is a new nutrient for fermentations where the aim is for the yeast to provide a maximum expression of fruitiness. wynTube Fructal provides exclusively complex nitrogen and the composition is particularly rich in amino acids that encourage the production of fruity and tropical notes.

Using it together Trebby and Fervens Fragrance, Lalvin 4600, Lalvin 71B and Lalvin RBS yeast strains gives complex and interesting aromatic results. There are reduced amounts of Riboflavin (precursor of light struck) and other amino acids that are difficult to assimilate or that can increase the production of undesirable compounds (ex: proline, methionine, arginine).

Even when the yeast does not necessarily need nitrogen, wynTube Fructal with its balanced amino acid content can improve the global sensory qualities of the wine and gives a “tactile” sensation of fullness in the mouth.

The presence of also vitamins, sterols and unsaturated fatty acids allow for the yeast to have optimal fermentation kinetics even at high potential alcohol levels. Thanks to the organic nitrogen, wynTube Fructal gives great results even when used at 1/3 of the AF, in combination with aeration during a pumping over of the must-wine.

wynTube Fructal, as with all exclusively organic nitrogen based nutrients, supplies limited quantities of YAN, hence in particularly deficient musts another supplement is recommended, “Poliattivante F” or wynTube Alert if there is also the need to control the indigenous flora.


During fermentation or second fermentation 15-40 g/hL. Dissolve completely in a small amount of water, must or wine and add to the volume to be treated.


500 g and 10 kg bags.


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